Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can mean different things to many people but is essentially a metaphor for the Internet – i.e. the storing and accessing of data and programs over the Internet instead of your company’s servers. It can provide shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand and has the potential to offer real benefits to companies. However it isn’t always appropriate and so deciding whether or not to use the cloud for your business can be tricky.

We can guide you through the options available, make recommendations based on your company’s needs, and if appropriate design, build, configure and install Cloud based solutions that will give your business real, tangible benefits.

You may simply wish us to manage and administer your domain/website, or host your emails in the Cloud via Office 365 rather than onsite Microsoft Exchange. Perhaps you are a multi-site organisation who require a centrally managed and hosted server in a datacentre, or maybe you are looking for a Cloud based solution to your data backup issues?

Whatever your requirements, as part of our IT services offering, we aim to ‘demystify the metaphor’ and make the Cloud an accessible resource for your business.

IT Security

Good data protection keeps your business information safe as well as ensuring that you comply with relevant rules and legislation. As threats to IT systems continue to grow, we can work proactively with you to keep you ahead of the game, lower your company’s risk and help safeguard your data.

Ensuring that your IT systems are safe and secure from potential threats can quite often be a complex and daunting task, requiring technical knowledge and resources that your staff may not have. Additionally, the solution you choose may need customising for your business needs which can further complicate the installation process.

Our IT support and services team has a wealth of experience and knowledge and can advise and guide you through the process of selecting and installing the right IT security products for your business. From firewalls, threat management, anti-virus and spam filtering solutions through to encryption, data backup and malware scanning, we can help you to protect your data and keep your business running with the peace of mind that your IT security is in safe hands.


For a better understanding of our IT Security service provision and how we can support you, please visit our Resources Page or download our free IT SECURITY DATASHEET here.

This leaflet outlines how we can work proactively with you to lower your company’s risk and safeguard your data. It details our layered solution to your Cyber Security needs which will help to build up your IT defence and can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements and budget.


Making the correct choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) and choosing the right type of Internet connection can be one of the most important decisions for your business. Get it wrong, and you could be in for a painful experience!

There is so much to consider such as download and upload speeds, contention, data usage, reliability, security and ultimately price, however, our team can support and guide you through the process, making the correct recommendations for your specific requirements.

We work with a number of ISPs, each offering something slightly different to suit the needs of our customers. For example, some may simply require a basic cost-effective ADSL2+ broadband connection, whilst others may opt for an FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service if available in their area. Heavier users, and those requiring a dedicated connection, may opt for a Leased Line and in more remote areas we can even deploy a satellite solution if nothing else is available.

Setup, migration, installation and ongoing management are all taken care of by our own IT services technical team and all of the billing is direct from Net Technical Solutions, so we will never leave you at the mercy of the ISP directly.

VoIP Telephony

Blending our knowledge of both voice and data, as part of our IT services offering, we are able to provide business organisations with leading-edge bespoke telephony solutions, completely removing the need for a traditional phone system.

The Capital Expenditure normally associated with an on-premise phone system is replaced by a simple monthly bill from us which includes usage fees, handset rental and phone calls. No set up fees, no up-front costs and no minimum term commitment. Even multiple BT phone lines are a thing of the past as calls are routed via a single, dedicated, Internet connection. And as the system is hosted in the Cloud, it can be securely accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, not just from your office.

This is true convergence - taking advantage of technologies and software that already exist as part of your IT network such as email, instant messaging, policies and security. Couple this with our powerful open-source software and you are able to link with pretty much any application you wish to create a powerful, unique solution that is tailored to your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business critical data is one of the most important challenges facing each and every business and it is essential that your company employs some form of backup on a regular basis to prevent the possible loss of data.

Our strong recommendation is that all companies keep a copy their data in at least two secure locations, inaccessible via the network, to prevent the spread of viruses and malware such as CryptoLocker.

For a full data backup you could opt for a simple removable hard drive or tape solution taken off site each night or held in a fireproof safe, or instead use offsite server storage or full data replications services.

To compliment this, there should always be a Cloud based solution in place for business critical data. Our simple, automated remote Cloud Backup software ensures that all of your critical file data, emails and databases are encrypted then safely and securely backed up offsite in our multi-location data centres, for a small monthly fee, depending on the amount of data being stored.

Case Study

"Under a tight timeline we turned to Net Technical Solutions for assistance in moving all IT equipment to our new premises.

The process was handled incredibly well and with the utmost care, having us back up and running within a few hours. The following day the cloud-based phone system was successfully installed, completing the technical aspect of our move. A big thank you to Net Technical Solutions!"

Steve Boother, Autoscribe Ltd

Case Study

Autoscribe Informatics is an international software developer, providing industry leading database management applications. 

The UK office contains approximately 25 people and being a software house, the requirements and IT infrastructure are fairly complex.

Following plans for immediate expansion, Autoscribe secured new office premises at fairly short notice. The move required careful planning within tight timescales, and involved not only moving the IT infrastructure, but also provisioning connectivity and telephony.

As soon as the new location was secured, PSTN lines were ordered and fast-tracked, with simultaneous Fibre Internet provision for both Voice & Data. On the move date, the existing cabinet was dismantled and reassembled in the new location by 1.30pm, with key employees up and running immediately. Day two saw the old telephone number re-diverted, phones deployed on desks and network snagging completed, all with minimum fuss and bother.

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